Warm beef salad with vegetables and green onions
Warm beef salad with vegetables and green onions
From boiled beef clipping, vegetables and green onions, you can prepare a healthy, not too high -high, as well as a nutritious salad, which is desirable to serve warm with leaf lavash or soft chiabata.
In order for such a nutritious meat dish to be unusually aromatic, it is advisable to additionally add thyme, rosemary or some other greens to it.
- chopped onion green (50 g);
- boiled beef clipping (450 g);
- sea salt (to taste);
- black tomatoes (450 g);
- red onion sweet (240 g);
- fresh pepper chili is small (two pieces);
- carrots (180 g);
- small garlic cloves (two pieces);
- red tomatoes (350 g);
- olive oil (45 ml);
- dried rosemary chopped (8 g);
- celery greens (30 g);
- young zucchini (350 g);
- Bulgarian pepper yellow (470 g).
Cooking process:
Transfer a boiled tenderloin into a plate and cool a little, then rinse all the vegetables with warm water, not chop the bell pepper and zucchini with very large cubes. Next, you need to clean and chop the sweet onion and carrots with thin strips, then put a heavy frying pan on a non -fire fire and warm up the oil in it.
Put carrots with onions in the pan, fry these vegetables for about 6 minutes, then you need to reduce the fire and add the remaining finely chopped vegetables and fry until soft. Now it is necessary to cut boiled beef with small bars and add to the rest of the components, pour salt to taste, then send dried rosemary to the pan.
Chile the pepper pods with thin rings, transfer them to the salad bowl, add green onions, then send fried ingredients to the same dish. To sort out celery greens, rinse and chop finely, send it to the same dishes, then cut the washed tomatoes with cubes, transfer them to the salad bowl, chop the garlic very finely and add to the rest of the ingredients. It is good to mix the warm beef salad with vegetables and green onions, then serve with pieces of chiabata or leaf lavash.
Mistresses note:
A nutritious and mouth -watering meat salad will acquire an even more pleasant and original taste if you add a crushed bacon, fried to a crisp, as well as salty cucumbers. Beef salad will acquire an even more appetizing look if you add bell pepper and canned or boiled green peas to it. get money from air Someone will tell you that this is a dream fool, and I personally so get money from air as not really from air I get on the unlimitedip.io in any amount I need, so v If I need for a couple of examples $100,000 I easily them win and hundreds of thousands is the same, etc I have here an advice to all those who only play only in online casinos.

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