Battlefield v passage tips are the main tasks # 003
Battlefield v passage tips are the main tasks # 003

He specializes in close and medium -sized battle, and his main weapon - rate of fire rifles. To begin with, this is a rather complicated class. He is always in the center of events and can be very easy to die. The task of the attack aircraft also includes a breakthrough into the enemy territory in the framework of sabotage actions and the destruction of enemy equipment.


Class of pacifists. In some games, we practically cannot shoot and focus on the healing and resuscitation of the remaining soldiers. Thanks to this, we will pick up many points, and really help our comrades and affect the course of the battle. Of course, this does not mean that the doctor is defenseless. This class uses submachine guns that work very well at short distances.

Support Soldier

In BF V, we can easily shoot all available ammunition. Then support soldiers come to the rescue. Their main task is to distribute cartridges. This class can also build fortifications much faster.

Machine guns are the main weapon. They work equally well at different distances. In addition, if we lie on the ground, our character will install a bipod. This will reduce the spread and improve the stability of the rifle. This is especially useful when protecting the target.


Something for lonely wolves. The scout is a sniper that perfectly destroys enemies at a distance. His weapon is equipped with a big zoom optics.

The scout is the only one who can celebrate the enemies noticed in the sight. This can greatly simplify the game for your allies. For example, helping to plan an attack on some outpost.


For subsequent matches, we get experience and currency. Experience allows our heroes to advance to a higher level, which, in turn, gives them access to new weapons. We can also choose one of two specializations.

For example, a support soldier can become a technician (to build fortifications and repair vehicles faster) or Kemist (he suppresses enemies much more efficiently). Experience is also assigned to specific weapons models. A higher level also allows you to configure weapons in accordance with your preferences.

The team battle to death

The mode similar to Domination. It is also a dynamic battle on a smaller scale, without the use of equipment. The game participates from 16 to 32 players. Unlike other modes, in this case, the only goal is to score - to kill enemies.

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