Sun as a symbol of supreme power
Sun as a symbol of supreme power
Since ancient times, the Sun as the source of life was revered by many tribes and peoples and personified the Supreme Public Deity, which was particularly worshiped. At the same time it was believed that any power from God, and its carriers are the descendants of the daily shone. So it was, for example, in ancient Egypt, where Pharaoh was considered the Sun of the RA God. Therefore, they not only served, but also worshiped. When climbing the monarch for the throne, the rites of coronation, leaving their roots in the cult of the Sun, are carried out.

In the future, the solar symbolism of Mr. began to assign the most fortunate, meaningful or beloved rulers. So, in Russia, the epithet "Red Sun" was accompanied by the prince of Vladimir. Thus, his tart feats were noted and the role in the baptism of the population of our country, that is, the transition from paganism to One. He was the first of Rusich's "anointed" of God, that is, the representative of God on Earth. Thus, the sun is a patriarchal symbol illustrating the basic properties of a successful ruler.

In France, the image of the Sun is closely associated with the name of King Louis Fourteenth, who lived from 1638 to 1716. The subjects of this monarch assigned to him the unofficial title: the king-sun. With the origin of such nicknames connect several versions.
The first one of them states that Louis was a Yarym fan of the theater and he himself participated in ideas. Most often, he played the role of the Rising Sun or the ancient Greek God Apollo. However, perhaps his epithet Louis received for participating in the theatrical ceremony "Carousel Tuilery", on which he was with a shield where the image was luminous. This symbol could be part of the royal heraldry.

The third version is based on the fact that during the reign of the monarch of Louis Fourteenth France flourished, and its inhabitants were grateful to their king.

But the most believable suggests the assumption that the monarch received his nickname for fanatic religiosity and connection with the Order of Jesuit. The king attended a divine service daily, although any Catholic could do it once a week. At this time, all deviations from traditions, heresy, religious sects and trends were pursued in Europe, "the witch hunt" was carried out, outstanding scientists were subjected to death.

Especially glorified by intolerance to the apostates of the Order of Jesuits, who sympathized and the member of which was Louis. As a result, Paris became not only the capital of France, but also the Order. A disk of the Sun is a symbol, the head of this mystical organization who is present on the seal. Thus, Louis could get his nickname because he used the attributes of Jesuits. You have free video passes available! Use them before they expire free live porn chat with thousands of girls that are online all the time.

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