How to become a "master" of the corporate network
How to become a "master" of the corporate network

A Resume Example for Network System analyst (called sysadmin) is an indispensable attribute of every medium or large company today, because the conduct of any kind of business is unthinkable without the use of computer technology. Networking, server maintenance, adjustment and repair of computer equipment - all this is within the power of only a specialist. However the modern labor market is oversaturated with programmers, so it is not at all easy to get a decent and well-paid position. To quickly get the desired position, study samples of successful resumes of sysadmins and take them to arms.

How to write a successful resume

A resume is an employer's first introduction to applicants for any position in his company. This document lays if not the first impression about the specialist, then certainly - a solid foundation for the formation of that very impression.

General rules and their application for employment as a sysadmin

The secrets of creating a successful resume can be divided into a group of general (for all professions) and specific (for a particular job) recommendations. In this case, the first group establishes the rules regarding the design of the document, while the second group regulates the substantive aspects.

The structure of a successful resume

Obligatory to all applicants CV form today does not exist. This means that the presentation document can include any information and group it in any way the author prefers. However, those who want to make a really successful CV, it is better to use a classic template - it has been developed by years of practice and allows the most complete presentation of the ability of the applicant, placing the most important information where it will be noticeable.

Rules for self-presentation and including information in it

Knowing how to write business documents is not the most important skill for a sysadmin. But first, working in a large company, you also have to deal with it, and second, the ability to draw up a document is very characteristic of the person as a person. The style, accuracy and brevity of the resume is a sign of a responsible and competent employee for an experienced employer.

The basic rules for a successful resume are as follows:

  • The most important is the absence of mistakes and typos, correctly placed punctuation marks. Even people who are confident in their literacy are recommended to reread the text several times before sending it and check it with a specialized program (it is better to check it several hours apart or even leave the document overnight, then errors will become even more evident);
  • adherence to official business style, absence of colloquial and colloquial expressions in the text, overloading it with professional vocabulary;
  • Uniform and neat formatting - keeping a single type of headings, indents, spacing, fonts;
  • Inclusion in the resume only the most important and relevant information - the resume should be brief, otherwise the potential employer will not even read it to the end.

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