"Berd of Downing" on the clip chain # 005
"Berd of Downing" on the clip chain # 005
This wish caused a rapid education of the team. Now they have a chance.

Darkness from the stern hung quickly and unexpectedly. The whistling sound was heard ahead, from which the heart had broken his heart. He cried out that there are urine:

- Strengthen the broth-shkota! On Brand Brass stand!

Tackle gave just at the moment when the rain squall swept over them, the caustion of the ship, the sea and the shore. Following the streams of water, the wind came, the gusts of which he drove to the stripes given to the traysells. The bramslines below also kept on an honest word. They fluttering in the rain, like dirty rags, while confused around everything, which was only touched. The masts were curved, the ends of the resivers under pressure of the sails were also curved, and the vessel, as if spurred, rushed forward.

Fortunately, there were no more losses. Sailors ran to gear. Torn sails were removed and fixed in their place, but not yet put new ones. The rain surrounded the ship with a dark wall. For twenty minutes, the Cryzer held two sailors on the tank forwards.

As soon as the squall had passed, the sun, the sun, bends, beyond and highlighted the rainbow. Under its multi-colored arc, no more than two hundred yards from the "Berd of Dauning" on the right side was visible "Sira Okvrena". It seemed that he was stuck on the spot among the swollen water, who left all around him with huge bubbles.

The crucible can distinguish the Captain on the fodder deck. He threw fast views then, then on "Berd of Down Dauning".

"Yes, Sir," said Fairford. - Take a look at it. Of course, you can curse steering, but "Berd of Downing" goes as it should.

Now they have already been greeted with Syrian Okvrena and began to bypass him, watching this ship in all the magnificence. At that time, there was no other vessel, capable of catching up at easy wind, in which it was the most expensive. But the ship had a reputation and the "wet". Now his deck sparkled vividly from the water taken on himself. The "Sira Okvrena" team tried to correct the position of the formulation of some additional rear sails so that the vessel was not so much fell into the nose. Passing by, the crueper threw out the flag, having hesitated him, but did not bless the old captain. Running purely, he saw the famous nasal figure of Queen Guinevera, which was immersed in Burun, then again rose from the water and after a small pause again buried so deeply that the Green Foam was touched. You may not think that this is the right time, but the right time really does not exist, so I advise you not to think about time and start now, because the faster you start the faster you'll be rich, especially when you think that https://vegas-plus-casino.net/ really allow you to earn.

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